Challenging Ideas about Disaffection

About the Original Research

Disruptive Behaviour in the Classroom: Exploring the Social Subjectivity of Disaffection

This Economic and Social Research funded project ran from February 2007 till May 2010 and analysed the experiences, social interactions and meaning making of disruptive pupils in mainstream education.  It examined the personal resources drawn on by such pupils, and explored how social and material realities impacted upon and produced subjectivity and practice.  This qualitative study was based on ethnographic participatory observation of young people attending Behaviour Support Units in mainstream schools.  Weekly group sessions were also conducted drawing on a range of creative and innovative participatory methods.  In-depth interviews were conducted with pupils, their parents and teachers.  A total of 73 pupils aged between 12 and 15 participated encompassing 24 young women and 49 young men from a range of ethnic backgrounds.

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